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Lucy and Her Kittens


On Monday April 6, 2015, John Valason and I (Peter Lonardelli) were at an auto repair shop in Albany NY to have a car fixed. While at the shop, John noticed what appeared to be a stray cat taking shelter in the shop. In fact, not only was she taking shelter there, she was nursing kittens! The cat, which the employees named Lucy, was nursing her babies and was sitting comfortably on one of the cushion chairs. We were told that this was the second set of kittens she delivered at the garage. Of course, we had to investigate to ensure the kittens and their mother were healthy.

John was the first to notice something wrong with one of the kittens. Its foot appeared to be injured. Sure enough, we could see that the white kitten had an abnormality. The birth cord attached to the kittens stomach had dried up and wrapped itself around its foot, cutting off all circulation. This prevented the foot from growing properly. I immediately gave the kitten first aid treatment by cutting the cord thereby freeing the kitten’s foot. However, the damage was already done. The foot will never recover. The mother and the rest of the kittens appeared to be healthy. We did not want to disrupt the mother or her kittens and longer. They all appeared to be doing well. However, we knew that we would be back to find homes for the kittens and take care of Lucy. We just needed to wait until the right time.

During the next six weeks we followed up several times by calling and visiting the garage. There was no reason to remove the kittens or the mother from this location. The mother was still nursing and all her kittens were safe living inside the office. They were being fed properly by the office staff and we provided them care instructions. Once the kittens were old enough to be rescued, we would pick them and Lucy up and find homes. In the mean time, we tried to find homes for the kittens as they were growing up.

The day finally came when the three kittens were safely eating kitten food on their own and ready to go to foster care. Over the past few weeks we had found homes for two of the kittens. We just needed to find one more home. We named the remaining kitten Angel, she was the only female in the litter.

On May 26, Lucy (the mother) was spayed and received all her vaccinations, paid for from donations compliments of the PETCARE Community volunteers. (see our donations page to help animals like Lucy.) After a brief recovery at our first aid station in Latham, Lucy was brought back to garage where the employees make sure is well fed and always has a home.

Thank you everyone for the kind donations and support that made this rescue possible.