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Santa and Paws


The Story of Santa and Paws

Starting in December of 2013, PETCARE introduced the Santa and Paws program to have fun and get the job done. Every December, Santa and Paws will go out riding, picking up pet food donations from area residents, and handing out cat and dog gifts and food.

Area Residents in Need of Food

Pet food donations will be distributed to area residents in need of pet food during the holiday season. To receive your gift of pet food from Santa and Paws, or to schedule a pickup from Santa and Paws, follow the instructions below.

Call or E-mail:



Register Online

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Adopt a Pet Rescue Month

As always, December is adopt a rescue pet month here at PETCARE Community! Have Santa and Paws drop off your new family member from any animal rescue organization in the area. A great surprise gift for that special someone!