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PETCARE Community Farm 2014

A home for life where animals can live in peace when the lights go out. A home where animals diagnosed with disease are given a name. A place where the unborn can come home.

The PETCARE Community Farm

The mission is simple – Permanent homes and medical care for abandoned animals everywhere. No excuses, no exceptions.

At PETCARE Community, we are raising money to build a PETCARE Farm. The PETCARE Farm will act as a permanent home for all animals. All animals, sick, healthy, and anywhere in between, will be able to live in this permanent home with the care and attention they deserve. This is one of our biggest goals here at PETCARE Community. We have made some great progress, but we still have a long ways to go.

Please help us make this dream a reality.

Planning Comes from Experience

The idea for the PETCARE Community Farm, a lifelong home for unwanted animals, came in 2009 when we started under the name of Pennies from Heaven of the United States of America. At that time, finding safe shelters for all the rescued animals became a big problem. We did not have enough foster homes to take them all in, and we refuse to let them be euthanized. We were scrambling to find homes….and we always did. This experience is where the idea for the PETCARE Community Farm started.

Life for animals abandoned on the streets can be short. Unwanted animals tossed outside are classified as strays. Hiding in backyards, roaming in search of food becomes a way of life. Animals are forced to live under porches and in empty houses, in search of temporary shelter. Animals that live outdoors for long periods of time can quickly spread disease, hurt local wildlife populations, and may eventually die a short life. Untreated wounds can quickly lead to starvation and malnutrition, especially in colder whether. A few of these unfortunate creatures get lucky, they are found and placed back into homes. But for the vast majority of stray animals, home is life outdoors, unwanted. We refuse to let this happen. PETCARE Community Volunteers make it their personal responsibility to help all abandoned animals. The PETCARE Farm will allow us to provide homes for all of these abandoned animals.

Shelters are not safe havens for stray animals. Unclaimed animals that remain at the shelter too long will be euthanized if they are not adopted. There is no one animal rescue organization or government on earth that can save all these beautiful animals. There appears to be no room for all God’s creatures. At PETCARE Community, we saught to find a solution to this problem. We have the ability to make a difference, and we will raise enough money to start our PETCARE Farm; where we will have sufficient space for all of these abandoned animals. No animals will get turned away.

Many animal shelters kill animals every day. That’s their job! Abandoned animals picked up as strays are taken to a local shelter temporarily before they are “put down” – killed! Among those euthanized are animals that show signs of aggressive behavior, feral cats, and animals that test positive for a rare blood disorder. Capital District area shelters usually cannot hold a stray animal for more than one week. And if they are sick, their odds of survival are not good. Such limitations would not exist in the PETCARE Community Farm. Sick animals will receive the care they need by our volunteers. The farm will be a permanent home if necessary. Though we will strive to find loving homes for all of our animals.

Building the PETCARE Community Farm will give animal rescue volunteers the opportunity to go back for the ones that were left behind, to give each animal a safe home. Rescued animals will be treated properly and given immediate medical care. Animals will be housed longer, giving them a better chance of getting adopted.

A PETCARE Community Farm will save more lives

Between 2009 and 2013, PETCARE animal rescue volunteers rescued over 350 abandoned animals safely. Our amazing PETCARE volunteers raised all the money and paid all the medical costs for each animal. PETCARE has no adoption fees and proudly finds good homes for every animal. We accomplished all of this with our limited space, money, and volunteer set. It’s exciting to think what we can accomplish if we meet this goal. But we need your help!

What we Need

In order to build a PETCARE Community Farm, we would need to dramatically increase the financial and social support from the community.



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