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There is no greater cause than one that saves lives

Animal Rescue

PETCARE Community Volunteers has worked very hard to establish itself as an effective animal rescue community. Caring and feeding abandoned animals has become our number one priority. We do everything we can to save lives and find homes. Our wonderful community of volunteers have conducted over 350 safe animal rescues (read about them on our rescue page) since 2009, and that number continues to grow. PETCARE Community Volunteers are heroes in every sense of the word. Whenever rescue calls come in, volunteers respond, making it their number one priority. Our amazing volunteers refuse to leave any animal behind. The efforts extend beyond the initial rescue. Volunteers raise all the money necessary to pay the medical costs for every animal we take in. It takes everything we have to make this work, and we give to each animal the special attention they need. We provide all animals with a better life.

No Adoption Fees

Every animal deserves a chance and a good home. Donations from local fund raisers, this website, and Penny Jars on the counters of area businesses help to pay all the medical cost for each animal we rescue. This method has proven to be effective and enables us to waive adoption fees. All adoptable animals are spayed or neutered and have been treated for any existing medical conditions. So please take some time to browse the site, share our stories, and consider contributing to the cause. Your involvement and donations save lives. Please see our adoptions listings if you are interested in adopting a pet.


Neighborhood Pet Food Drives

Pet Food donations provide hundreds of pounds of food supplies to help abandoned animals. Neighborhood pet food drives have been very effective these past few years, all thanks to the help of volunteers and area residents. We have obtained hundreds of pounds of pet food each year. This food goes right to our volunteers who care for the animals we rescue. We are very grateful for the support we have received from everyone, including local Girl Scout troops and local area business.

Fund Raisers

Volunteers participated in many community events and animal rescue fund raisers, resulting in thousands of volunteer hours of service to the community. PETCARE raised donations that helped pay the medical cost for abandoned animals everywhere. Here is short list of the fund raisers PETCARE volunteers have attended

  • The Altamont Fair
  • Schenectady County Downtown Flea Market & Craft Fair
  • Capital Pride
  • Art on Lark
  • Albany Tulip Festivaltulipfest
  • Schaghticoke Great American Pet Festival
  • St. Nickolas Church Flea Market & Craft Fair
  • Sunshine Daycare “Craft Fair” Powers Park in North Troy Flea Markets
  • Troy Farmers Market
  • Melrose City Wide Garage Sale
  • Jermaine Church Waterville
  • Book Sale, New York State Community Holiday Sale & Holiday Tree Lighting
  • Blessing of Animals
  • PETCARE Health Clinic & Adoption Clinic Diamond rock Terrace Landsingburgh
  • October Pet Extravaganza
  • Walmarts Shopping Centers in Brunswick & East Greenbush
  • karen’s kreations Garage & Book Sale Benefit Pets Sale and PETCARE Adoptions


First Aid and Safety Stations

In 2009, PETCARE Community Volunteers were looking for a first aid station to care for rescued animals. We found a great location called the Melrose House….but it needed some work.Remodeling started almost immediately, and it was not an easy task. With help from experienced contractors and volunteers, we were able to get the house ready quickly. It was a lot of work, but we never looked back.

The Melrose House served as a community based first aid/animal rescue safety station house from 2009-2011, providing a safe location to rescue abandoned animals. Animals that were previously abandoned, wounded, or abused had a temporary home where they could be evaluated and recover. Certified veterinarians traveled to the melrose house to treat any sick animals.


PETCARE Community Meetings

Once a month, PETCARE Community Volunteers meet to discuss important animal rescue issues and hold adoption clinics. Informal gatherings like these help us to exchange ideas and achieve important goals. We currently meet at Diamond Rock Terrace meeting, 13 Gurley Avenue Troy, NY 12182.


SOS Animal Rescue

PETCARE Community Volunteers SOS is an emergency distress call for a wounded or abused animal rescue. The SOS call could even be in response to a dangerous assault on the environment that threatens wildlife. Below are some examples of SOS calls that PETCARE Community Volunteers have taken.

In 2013, Troy New York flood Waters reached dangerous levels from a poorly designed construction site plan, causing a massive amount of soil and water erosion. Rocks blocked a nearby roadway, wildlife had to scatter, and property damage to a local community caused further concerns to the environment.

In 2011 in Cohoes New York, a highway was built in the habitat of a local beaver population. Year after year the beavers were at risk as they crossed the highway. Many of them were killed by passing motorists.

Cat and Dog General Store

Handmade cat and dog treats made by our volunteers help support local animal rescue. In Spring 2013, PETCARE Volunteers converted a 13 foot trailer into the first PETCARE Community General Store. We have been very successful and, as always, all sales directly support animal rescue. Please visit our General Store for more information.