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One of the most cherished responsibilities of our PETCARE Volunteers is taking good care of senior animals. One such animal is Titan, who has been in our family since the beginning. He is a black Labrador Retriever and is the kindness most gentle soul you could every meet. Titan’s rescue began in the home of my son and his family, where Titan lived. For several years now, Titan has had a chronic ear infection causing serious medical problems.

I (Peter Lonardelli) chose to rescue Titan by helping my son understand what we had to do in order to resolve Titan’s problem. Over a 2 year period we visited three different veterinarians for the same problem. Titan’s ear appeared to be getting worse and the doctors were not sure what to do. Finally we got sound advice from Dr. LaMore, a Saratoga animal veterinarian. Dr. LaMore explained to us, in great detail, what steps had to be followed in order to cure this infection. Dr. LaMore’s advice resulted in a remarkable recovery for Titan. Titan was finally given a chance to recover and we were not taking any risks.

What we did next was a sacrifice for Titan and his family. We decided that Titan would live with me until he was feeling better. He would be given the needed attention all day, every day, until he got well. Before Titan came home with me I consulted with Dr. LaMore again. She explained what had to be done to help this dog, and I made the commitment to do the work! I washed his ear every day with a solution to clean out the dirt and infection. I also applied ear drops every night to kill the germs and reduce the swelling. I gave him his pill and fish oil in his new food to help the infection go away, he was put on a high protein diet. Finally, every morning we walked 2 to 3 miles for exercise. The routine worked out well and improved Titan’s health! The infection went away!

Titan is now 15, which is considered by experts as too old for his breed. However, in Titan’s case he has been doing rather well for a dog his age. I believe this is because Titan has received the proper attention and the medical care he needed. Plain and simple – animals can and will live longer and not become a burden to anyone who loves them with the proper guidance they need from a veterinarian and lots of TLC.

Titan’s last vet visit was on July 29, 2015, and the amazing results were showing that his health had improved and there was no sign of arthritis or any pain that he was suffering from. To the experts, here is living proof that time can change your health! Pet owners may feel the day to day burden of handling a senior animal and want to give up. that does not mean the animal is ready to give up. PETCARE volunteers managed to look after Titan when most people would have given up. Please do not give up!

Titan will remain in the care of our wonderful volunteers Luann and Alanna. For that reason, one dog will smile and be happy 🙂

-Peter L.