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On November 4, 2014 I received a surprise visit from my neighbor and fellow PETCARE Community Volunteer John Valason. John informed me of a cat he had just seen not too from his apartment. According to John, the cat was a “hit and run” victim. He was really concerned as he thought he may have actually heard the incident occur. John was not able to get a good look at the animal as it was dark out, but he knew it was a  orange and white kitten. That was certainly enough information for us to go on a night search!

Well, we got kind of lucky on this one, because when we returned to the place the cat was last seen it was still there. It was laying at the top of a hill and appeared to be injured. We slowly made our way to the cat only to have it bolt into the forest. However, we were prepared. We went after it with out flashlights in hand. The cat was just too fast. We quickly realized that it was best for the cat if we tried a more reserved tactic as it was injured and we didn’t want to scare or hurt it. We agreed to resume the search first thing in the morning. We left some food and water out in hopes that it would recover and get a full meal.

The next morning we began our search bright and early. No signs of the cat. We did the best we could, left some more food and water, and informed the nearby tenants to be on the lookout. We thought we had lost it. Fortunately, a few days later we got some good news. The orange and white cat was spotted by another tenant in the complex. I decided it was time to place a trap. With permission from the grounds, we set a trap up to catch it. All we could do was wait.

On November 12 at approximately 9:30 AM, I checked the trap and was surprised to find that not only did we catch a cat, but another cat was on top of it as well! We had discovered yet another abandoned cat in the area. We tried to catch the second cat, but once again it was just too fast. We would return for it later, right now we had to make sure the cat we caught was okay. I called PETCARE Community Volunteer Maryjo to see if she could temporarily house the cat until we could get it to the vet for an examination. She agreed and we immediately brought the animal to her house. Maryjo had an isolation room to protect the cat and keep a close eye on it. We scheduled an appointment to get the cat to the vet the next day. We decided to name the cat Oliver.

Oliver’s examination did not go so well. He was incredibly feral and hard to secure. In the end, it turned out that Oliver was diagnosed as having Feline Leukemia (FELV). He still got all his vaccinations and was neutered. Thank you to our PETCARE Community Volunteers for raising the money to care for Oliver. Oliver is currently living outside near my apartment. He was too feral to keep inside and was happiest outdoors. I care and feed for him and hope that he will get comfortable enough with other people to one day find a good loving home.