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“The Max Story” Begins in Latham Max has been in my care since 2009 when I first received a call from a woman named Mary Lou a resident of Colonie according to her story she was forced to leave her apartment and had no plans to take either of her 2 cats Max & Buster.

Mary Lou first contacted the PETCARE Community requesting help she was trying to find a foster home for her cats she told us that she had to move immediately and had no place to take her cats she had no plans to take the cats with her.

I agree to take Max & Barbara another volunteer agreed to take Buster It would only be for a couple of months so we were told Mary Lou did returned after several months and contacted Barbara to get Buster Barbara agreed to this because Buster did not adjust well in her home. Mary Lou however failed to make contact with me to come get Max I thought that was unusual both her cats were here. Well that is how it went down Max was being abandoned. I decided then Mary Lou was not the person who could ever take proper care of Max the one she left behind was Max that is when I adopted Max. Mary Lou told me little about Max’s Medical History and that is probably the reason she did not come back for him.

This presented a problem for me at the time when I took custody of Max I already had a cat 11 year old cat named Shadow, I was concerned about them getting along! Max was partially blind and could not eat any solid food due to a previous condition I knew it was going to be a challenge to keep Max & Shadow apart during food time they both had very different eating habits. Max’s condition prevented me from leaving any dry food around I knew if Max got hard food he would become sick and possibly die from choking.

I did not get too much information when I rescued Max I was told Max was abandoned very young and was neglected he was diagnosed with having a rare blood disorder that unless treated with medication he could die? Unfortunately the medicine Max was given also caused him permanent damage to his digestive system as a result Max would never be able to eat any solid foods again. Now Max can only eat my homemade cat foods that I have to mix up in a blender and water down at every meal he seems to like what I give him? Max also enjoys homemade tomato sauce and melted cheese sauces as treats, Tuna juice is one of his favorites and because he is a good boy I also treat him to some Ice Cream & Whip Cream not too bad.

I do not mind giving special attention to Max after all he did not create these problems for himself & because I am caring for Max I know he is safe at all times.

Max knows the Ins & Outs of every corner in my apartment and I try to keep things in place to prevent him from walking into unfamiliar objects Max is a good friend & companion to others, He’s Home Now 🙂