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November 21st 2014 – MaryJo and I were returning to Diamondrock Terrace in Lansingburgh when we spotted an orange and white kitten that looked familiar. The animal was believed to be the kitten that we saw sitting on top of a trap two weeks ago when we rescued Oliver. The cat was hungry and crying to us for food. I had been carrying a supply of dry cat food in my car ever since I spotted these two roaming around and placing food outside for whoever gets it. I decided to walk up a short hill nearby my home and place a handful of dry food right where we first spotted her before she ducked into the nearby wooded area. To our surprise, the cat came right out of the bushes as soon as I moved slowly down the hill away from the area. We observed her from the car window and could see her begin to eat the food I put out. That was a clear indication of how hungry the cat was and probably easy to capture in the coming days. I continued to place food and water outside for this cat. I did not see her during the period I was feeding her and gaining her trust, however, I knew instinctively she was still out there.

November 29th 2014 – This was the day I decided once again to set up my trap with the intention of capturing the second orange and white kitty! It was very cold this night at about 6:00PM, after dark, I placed the trap along my house wall near the garden area; where I had been continually feeding this cat for several days now. It was so cold on this night that I decided I would check the trap every half hour. In case I did capture the kitty, I did not want her stuck outside for too long.
6:30PM was my first trap-check and there she was inside, meow/meow, that is all I heard and without delay placed the trapped cat inside the car parked nearby. I made one telephone call to MaryJo and told her we were on our way. She had setup a special room in her home to keep the cat warm, safe, and to perform a quick health examination.

SUCCESS! The orange and white kitten was safe at home and would remain with us for the winter or until adopted. We named the cat Holly/Peaches. She was friendly, allowed us to pet her, and really seemed to enjoy our company. This characteristic in a kitty allows us more time to keep an animal safely with us in our care.

My best guess for this rescue situation….someone dumped the orange and white kitten off at Diamondrock Terrace with the intention of abandoning the kittens and their responsibilities. Thankfully we were able to safely capture this kitten and prepare it to be adopted into a loving home.

December 2nd 2014 – Today is the appointment at the APF in Scotia for Holly/Peaches. We are hoping for a healthy cat. The two names given to this kitty was a combination of both the names we choose for her later, so we went with both!
The news for Holly/Peaches was not good. She was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia (FeLV)..just like Oliver. That is the reason we assumed they were from the same litter and recently dumped off at Diamondrock.

We decided to keep Holly/Peaches inside for the winter considering how friendly she was being toward us. We will continue to try and find her a special home and someone willing to care for this kitty.

December 30th 2014 – Update Holly/Peaches is doing well, eating lots of food, and starting to play with some toyes MaryJo set up for her. She is cute to pet and likes her belly rubbed, I am really glad to have her with us and out of the cold.

The end, for now!