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On January 5th, 2015, 1 year old Geez, an 88Lb. Cane Corso, was rescued from The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Shelter located in Menands New York, where he was schedule to be euthanized. A special thanks to Peter Lonardelli, Linda Cussing and John J. Valason for their amazing efforts.

The Story

December 27th 2014, I met with Ed Markham, an Albany police officer, to discuss the possibility of rescuing some of the animals that were abandoned and brought to a Menands shelter by animal control officer Karen Miller. I told Ed PETCARE Community Volunteers would be willing to rescue these animals from being euthanized. Ed agreed to discuss the matter with Karen.

December 30th 2014, I received my first rescue call from Ed. A dog that was picked up by animal control in Albany was on its way to the shelter in Menands. I was told this dog would be euthanized the same day! I immediately called PETCARE Community Volunteer Linda Cussing in the hopes of lining up some foster care. Linda agreed to help with the rescue, knowing that the dog would be in safe hands with us. I then contacted Karen Miller. Karen and I discussed what little she knew about the dog up until this point. She said the dog was a Cane Corso/Mix, with a good nature. Apparently the dog’s previous owners were neglecting to bring him inside…even in this terribly cold weather. Having been reassured that the dog was not a danger to our volunteers and our other foster animals, we  set out for the rescue.

Linda placed a telephone call to the shelter and advised them that The PETCARE Community Volunteers would come and rescue the dog. The shelter agreed to release the dog into our custody! We had previously rescued another dog under the same set of circumstances, so the shelter staff knew of our kindness and agreed to hold Geez until the following Monday January 5th, 2015.

January 5th, 2105. The first rescue of the new year! Linda and I agreed to meet at the Menands shelter that afternoon to rescue Geez. I arrived first to start the paperwork process. As we brought Geez home, I sensed an emotional attachment from some of the staff at the shelter…Geez must be a great dog and we were starting to see that after only a few minutes. I thought how hard it must be for them, not knowing the fate of these unfortunate animals from day to day! Tears of joy came down the face of one of the staff workers….I reassured them, Geez was in great hands!


We took Geez to a garden area next to the shelter for some quick introductions. Geez was very happy to have company (in case you couldn’t tell from the pictures!). He was very well behaved…..we just couldn’t believe that this dog was scheduled to be euthanized. The shelter staff gave their final farewells, and Geez went home with Linda. Until we find Geez a permanent home, he is in great and experienced hands with Linda. Thank you everyone for your kindness and dedication.