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Chance and Blitz

On Monday January 13, 2014, I received a call from Schenectady animal control officer Jim O’Brien. Jim sounded very concerned, he went on to tell me that he had two Pitt Bulls that were picked up as strays in Schenectady (I later learned that they were going to be euthanized that day!) The dogs were being held by animal control and overdue with the “stray/hold” policy period of 5 days. Jim called me with the hope of finding homes for the dogs. Jim described both dogs as very friendly and out going. They loved attention and loved being around people. In fact, one of the dogs would get so exited around people that he wagged his tail so hard that it actually got injured! I knew I had to get these guys out. We agreed to meet with Jim around 1:30PM. I took photographs all the while this was going on, hoping to capture these moments of life and death for animals at these places!

Prior to going on the rescue I had to try and find foster homes, which is a difficult task not knowing much about the animals. Janet Marie was one of the first volunteers I spoke with that day, and she immediately agreed to help me foster one dog……that was a huge success! I immediately telephoned Jim and gave him the good news; that I was coming to meet him and bringing along Janet and her dog Baily. We made the arrangements to meet with him in Schenectady. After introducing everybody, Janet and I proceeded to follow a police van to an undisclosed location.


Janet accompanied me that day, along with her 11 year old dog Baily. If the two dogs got along, she would take one of them home with her (whichever one was the best fit for Baily). Once we arrived at the police shelter in Schenectady, we were anxious and nervous of the outcome…..after all we were under police surveillance! I took these photographs of the building for the purpose of illustrating the dog rescue story. In this photograph you will see that this is the actual building the dogs were kept locked up inside 24/7. Wow…


Hat and gloves were the full attire of the day as you can see from the photograph. I was prepared for whatever came out that door! First to arrive was Chance (we nicknamed him that afterwards because he was the one most likely to be adopted.) He was so friendly and compatible with Baily right from the start….so he got the name “Second Chance”.


I guess a picture paints a thousand words! The union of these two dogs was complete happiness. The dogs were harmless and happy! We took a risk that day to rescue these dogs from certain death and really paid off. I knew we could only rescue one dog at that moment. I knew Chance was the lucky one from the way he and Baily bonded together; it was Chance who was leaving with us. However, it wasn’t over yet! We still had to find a safe home for one more dog and the clock was ticking. We don’t give up that easy!


The second dog, Blitz, got his nickname that same day. As the photographs will show, he blitzed straight to Janet! He got so excited when she tried to hold him that he jumped up and scratched her lower lip. She was whacked pretty good. But a mere scratch in a winning battle! We knew we had to find this guy a home a too, and fast. I went into action earlier that day, placing a telephone call to Linda, another rescuer, in the hopes that she could rescue Blitz….and she did! Linda made contact with Jim while we were still at the shelter, thank God. Jim was able to allow the dog to be held one more day until Linda could come get her on January 14. YES! That was the answer we hoped for and it came in time. It may seem like a few simple calls from this story, but these decisions are big. We have to make a lot of calls and wait a long time to get answers. But Janet and Linda came through. Thank you both! Linda did come to rescue Blitz the next day. Unfortunately I was not able to be there for the rescue.


PETCARE Community Volunteers paid for all food and medical costs associated with Chance and Blitz. Thank you everyone for the support and dedication that made this rescue successful!