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On July 21, 2014, I received a call from Carl, a resident of East Greenbush and former Diamond Rock Terrace employee. Carl was concerned about a small kitten that he discovered living under a porch. The kitten was malnourished and in search of food and shelter. Carl and his family had never been in this type of situation before. He was not sure what to do. Fortunately, I had met Card through Diamond Rock Terrace, so he was familiar with PETCARE Community and the quality of work we do.

Carl had been trying to feed the kitten. However, based upon what I was hearing, it sounded that kitten might be too small to eat solid food. I instructed Card to buy some kitten food and leave it out for the animal until PETCARE Community could come and rescue it in the morning. Carl was able to house the cat for the remainder of the evening.

The next day PETCARE Community Volunteer John Valason and I met with Carl to take custody. I was happy to see that the kitten appeared to be healthy and old enough to eat solid food. Carl was kind enough to donate food and litter to help with the rescue.

For the time being, we decided that John would foster the animal until we could find it a permanent home. As you can see, the two got along very well. They were both in good hands.

After a few days in his care, John decided to name the kitten Bubbles (based upon her bubbly personality). All in all Bubbles was doing well, there were no large/apparent health problems, though she still needed to be tested for FIV and get vaccinated. She did, however, appear to have a minor respiratory infection. We gave her some small doses of medication, and it cleared right up.

A few days later, we decided it was time to get Bubbles a veterinary examination and her vaccines. As anticipated, she was very healthy. She got her vaccines and basic meds, took a quick flea bath, and was ready for the prime time! Thank you to our amazing PETCARE Community Volunteers for raising the money to pay for Bubbles examination and vaccines.

We were able to quickly to find a home for Bubbles (kittens always go fast) with my daughter and hey boyfriend. They decided that Bubbles would be a great companion for their current cat, and she was!

A huge thank you to John Valason, MaryJo Hebert, Carl, and, Peter Lonardelli for making this rescue possible.